Karaoke Night – an essential in a balanced entertainment programme and still the number 1 night of entertainment we offer.

And our Karaoke Night is unlike anything else you’ve seen. We have the best Karaoke systems available, and the most up-to-date songs – over 30,000 of them, in 17 different languages. We’re the number on choice for Karaoke, we book more shows than any other company around. We know how it’s done – we’re the best.

And it’s not only that! We also use top-of-the-range sound equipment to recreate that ‘live’ experience when your guests perform. You can actually hear the difference when you listen to us and compare us to our competitors – and the audience can hear the difference too.

Our Karaoke nights are the best there is: we only pick the best presenters to work with, and we make sure they’ve got the very latest equipment available. Our PC-driven, automated Karaoke systems mean we pack more songs into one evening of Karaoke than our competitors manage in a week and our high-energy, positive and enthusiastic style means that guests choose our nights over all the others.

We can even add a choreographed lighting show (subject to booking) that can turn the smallest corner into the biggest stage!

Karaoke is a common-placed evening activity, but please don’t be fooled into thinking that every Karaoke is the same – try All That Entertainment and see how it SHOULD be done!

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